Intellareturn, a New York City-based corporation, markets and licenses patented Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions. These products and services automatically verify active or passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags — with serialized EPC barcodes affixed to an item or package — to:

  • validate and ship returns for rapid customer warranty services
  • instantly ascertain warranty status of any package at third-party courier locations
  • provide real-time service authentication that expedites post-sale returns
  • identify purchase dates and return privileges while maintaining customer privacy.

Enhancing the Customer Experience
Intellareturn lets businesses manage returns as easily as they handle the customer's original outbound orders. By working in conjunction with web-based warranty and return server systems, Intellareturn allows manufacturers, retailers and couriers to create customer-focused return centers.

RFID is the next step in this evolution of customer-facing technology enhancements. The business potential of combining courier shipping services with RFID to communicate warranty and return information provides automated return authorization processes that reduce costs, promote efficiency and increase customer service.

Intellarturn is introducing prototype versions and reinforcing standardization of RFID for warranty technologies to enhance the customer relationship management (CRM) service platforms for shipping couriers. The Company's management team expects warranty and return-based RFID moving into full commercial service before or by 2008.

Significant Benefits Drive ROI
Automating returns transactions with Intellareturn applications offers rapid credit processing and reconciliation, optimized transportation routing and control of warranty costs that provide cost savings to drive ROI. Research from Gartner highlights some of the potential cost savings in the chart below:

Automating Front End-Customer Interface Transaction/Process

Cost Savings

Online Return Template vs. Call Center


Business rules + original order info vs. Manual Process


Web RMA /shipping + label vs. pre-printed


Carrier pickup & return routing


Email messaging of customer/ vendor status vs. manual process


An Innovative Technological, Organizational and Customer-Based Transformation
Whether through the U.S. Postal Service, courier players or online channels utilizing our Return ID Stamp®, RadioTag(sm) services or Intellabox® packaging, Intellareturn provides a true competitive advantage. By combining the benefits of RFID with the logistics infrastructure of courier shipping companies, we enable organizations to increase brand loyalty, operating efficiencies and profitability with intelligence at the point of return.