The Definition of 3PL - Third-Party Logistics Provider

3PLs now use desktop terminals to generate specialized shipping tags. For example, UPS generates tags that utilize both a UPC and UPS tracking code (1Z tracking number). This system provides full visibility of every package: UPS representatives know where each package is, where it came from, where it's going and how much it weighs. The next evolution in this process will incorporate RFID tags. With Intellareturn it's simple to create your own customized return labels:

  • add an RFID scanner to your PC
  • make minor software upgrades
  • attach an optional RFID-capable printer.

We enable our partners and customers to leverage existing courier networks, shipping systems and infrastructure. By integrating the Intellareturn RFID applications, 3PLs like UPS will be able to add real-time knowledge of warranty terms, owner identification information and proof of purchase dates. This data can be added to a package's carton or the physical product itself.

Intellareturn's Courier and Logistics Solution
Courier & Logistics Solution
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RFID will help automate and authorize returns with existing third-party logistics networks like UPS, FedEx, DHL, the U.S. Postal Service, Department of Defense (DoD) and others — even if a product is brought to a 3PL without a shipping carton. How is this possible?

"Mission Critical" Repair and Services
Recently, UPS started a new program that automatically notifies customers of every package in the UPS system moving toward them (visit the Intellareturn blog for more on the UPS Quantum View Inbound announcement). When tied to the Intellareturn Return ID Stamp®, a warranty repair service can plan and staff better for incoming packages by knowing what will arrive and when.

By providing automated and wireless methods to read RFID tags and generate shipping labels for the appropriate return locations, Intellareturn goes beyond the box — incorporating product ownership and policy rules associated with an RFID label on either a product or carton.

The shipper or courier can read RFID tags on or within products to automatically process return shipping under warranty by interfacing with existing label and billing systems to authorize, invoice, intelligently route and provide advance notification of returns. We accomplish this by remotely accessing the Intellareturn Return Server in virtually any courier shipping system equipped with an Internet connection and RFID readers.

When courier services and their drivers or drop-off locations are RFID-enabled with the Return ID Stamp and RadioTag(sm) services, they gain significant value by creating a completely automated return shipping network/solution. Intellareturn can even integrate our solutions within a courier partner's website as an end-to-end customer return center.

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