Intellareturn focuses on effectively managing customer relationships through the implementation of radio-frequency identification tags and processes.

The RadioTag(sm) Services Platform (RSP) can hold warranty, ownership, product and/or date of purchase data embedded within an RFID tag — linked through the Intellareturn Web Interface (IWI) or other database and server systems tied to courier shipping systems. Simply, RadioTag services provide an effective technology interface for customers using the Intellareturn solutions or partner integrations.

Factors that Influence Global Companies' Decisions to Invest in RFID Initiatives (Aberdeen Group)
Why consider RFID and Intellareturn?
Among other things, to improve customer service.
By combining Return ID Stamp® with a library of RFID-based services, RadioTag allows Intellareturn, our customers and partners to deliver effective solutions for warranty, return and customer management.

Why is this such an important step to effective Customer Interaction Management? In a broad sample of global companies, an Aberdeen Group study found that 38% of firms view RFID technology as a means of improving customer service. As with many technology-based solutions over the last decade, a major focus has been on increasing profits and streamling operating costs — while improving customer relations. Intellareturn applications, and RFID in general, can help.

So why the hesitation? The main challenges for organizations have been related to:

  • costs of tags and related technology
  • adoption rates for external interaction
  • integration with internal IT systems and infrastructure
  • security and privacy concerns
  • effective processing and utilization of the data generated by RFID-based initiatives.

Intellareturn addresses these issues through the Return ID Stamp, allowing the RadioTag Services Platform to deliver new benefits for returns, warranty and Customer Interaction Management. Tags are being produced at more affordable prices and continue to drop. As this happens and new offerings develop, adoption increases — related to mandates from organizations like Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense (DoD). Intellareturn now offers an innovative solution for enhancing customer service, which takes advantage of the expansive and established infrastructures in place for courier shipping networks.

Why focus on courier services? Do they need to incorporate RadioTag services from Intellareturn? How do the Intellareturn solutions provide competitive advantage beyond the mandates? RadioTag focuses on the courier services industry to enable extraordinary benefits for manufacturers, sellers and consumers. Intellareturn can even integrate our solutions within a manufacturer, retailer, courier or online merchant's website as an end-to-end customer return center. If you're involved with the courier shipping industry, partnering with Intellareturn could be your next big opportunity.