You walk up to a postal center window or call for your courier shipping service driver to pick up a product or carton. The Intellareturn RFID system automatically senses where it should be shipped and whether or not it has passed its return expiration date under warranty terms — all in one step.

Intellareturn, Customer Service, Technology and the Courier Industry
Intellareturn lets businesses manage returns as easily as they handle the customer's original outbound orders. Our RFID-centric solutions provide an easy way to handle return shipments with the level of customer service appropriate to provide a competitive advantage. The ability to effectively manage returns is critical. We have a robust set of solutions that help both you and your customers with product registration, repair, exchange or other warranty return terms.

Each major courier service has developed Internet-enabled tools to help customers track or access the information that's most important to them. All couriers have enhanced "Smart Label" tracking, with the new focus on adding more informational capabilities. RFID labeling can do this, synching warranty expiration terms and product ownership between partners — particularly courier shippers — to provide benefits and cost efficiencies.

Supply Chain Visibility and RFID Integration Create The Returns Center
Intellareturn works in conjunction with web-based warranty and return server systems to create customer-focused return centers. These commercial systems connect shippers, carriers, third-party logistics providers, suppliers and customers in a fully integrated environment and gives them secure access to return logistics functions and services via the Internet. Whether deployed as a hosted or licensed solution, Intellareturn integrates with the courier's existing technology environment.

Additionally, Intellareturn enables communication between business partners using open Internet standards and can provide direct connectivity to enterprise applications and legacy data systems. The solution is designed to help link disparate processes and business partners to facilitate:

  • seamless workflow
  • rules-based return policies
  • authentication
  • customer support
  • real-time efficiencies.

Intellareturn customizes this integration to the needs of the client, based on the Web-based warranty and return server systems most appropriate to them and their customers.

The Consumer-Driven Supply Network
How can businesses leverage point-of-sale (POS) data to migrate towards a consumer-driven supply network? RFID is the next step in this evolution of technology and Customer Interaction Management (CIM), where real-time ownership and warranty data can be synchronized with logistics networks and express courier services to provide the best business practices and processes. Once established, the automation benefits of RFID can transform a Returns Center into a Profit Center.

  • Post Offices as Returns Centers: Using the Return ID Stamp® can expand the role of any post office in the United States to function as a returns centers for products and parcels. Even if parcel service locations did not have RFID readers at each location, the product could be collected and routed to a central location where the RFID tag applied by a customer service agent could be electronically scanned inside the package without even opening the return box.

  • Courier Drop-off Locations as Returns Centers: Express courier locations (i.e. FedEx Kinkos, UPS Stores, etc) could be utilized as 24-hour returns centers for products in need of warranty repair or related return needs.

  • Online: Intellareturn can even integrate our solutions within a courier partner's website as an end-to-end customer return center.

To explore possibilities for developing an effective returns center strategy or courier partnership with Intellareturn, please contact us for more information.