Intellareturn is positioned to offer partners a complete end-to-end RFID-enabled return supply chain solution. For service parts logistics, the opportunities and efficiencies could be invaluable.

Imagine you're an automotive dealer or the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). With an appropriate process and solution, your team puts items into a work bin at the shop or depot. Once a week, a courier service picks up the box and the RFID labels enable associated returns under warranty.

The possibilities are endless, especially as post-sale services and maintenance needs expand with new products. Rather than have this become a difficult operating cost, organizations can transform the process into a profit center that improves both the customer experience and bottom line.

ChainLink Research's Ann Grackin on RFIDWorks with Barcode and Non-RFID Systems
Intellareturn systems are not limited to RFID sensor tags. Unique barcode identifiers and other emerging technologies can be incorporated onto the return instruction tag to supplement RFID data. Therefore, alphanumeric and barcode data can be included on the printed RFID label to provide an alternative means for accessing the system, should an RFID reader be unavailable with specific courier shipping locations or pick-up routes.

Our process helps to bridge the gap as RFID systems ramp up for enhanced warranty repair and return services. Customers can enjoy the immediate benefits with Intellareturn as RFID capabilities scale in their own facilities or within courier shipping networks.

The Intellareturn Processes for Parts
When a customer's product needs a replacement or exchange part, the attached RFID label will:

  • confirm the part, ownership party's address and warranty date terms
  • help notify the factory or authorized service location
  • arrange return and delivery of the proper replacement part — ready to snap into place.

During the process, the Return ID Stamp® enables customers to return merchandise purchased online, by contract or through catalogs simply and effortlessly. The shipping courier's system helps to provide advanced return notification in conjunction with Intellareturn. Customer service representatives are ready and proactively address the customer's exchange or credit needs. The result?

  • Reduced call center volume.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced brand loyalty.
  • Lower operating costs and better financial rewards.

With intelligence at the point of return from Intellareturn, customer service can once again become a competitive advantage for your organization. Contact us to learn more today!