Intellareturn creates opportunities with RFID registration tags that can supplement printed barcode and identification numbers, allowing companies to collect information in various environments. Return ID Stamp® is the Intellareturn system for automating the use of return-shipping labels.

The Return ID Stamp Process
Return ID Stamp Process
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Customers can detach the pre-paid, pre-addressed Return ID Stamp from their order summary or package materials and affix it to their return shipment. The label is supplied as a postage-sized, self-adhesive RFID sticker that can easily be affixed to an item or box for automated return processes.

The Return ID Stamp's RFID chip and printed codes link the package to the customer's purchase registration and warranty expiration term data to provide full package visibility early in the returns process. This includes complete advance notifications and dynamic shipment label address generation and routing to the "right" customer center or warranty service location.

This automated application interprets warranty business rules for the implementation of passive RFID and Electronic Product Code (EPC) tags within the third-party shipping supply chains**. The Stamp provides information about an item being returned and interfaces online with warranty and product registration data to determine whether the return request meets the merchant's business rules. The system creates a method to remotely interrogate smart materials embedded in objects to determine their identity and facilitate their return through a tracking and package delivery network, utilizing wireless and Internet communications.

The flagship Return ID Stamp product from Intellareturn is the cornerstone of Customer Interaction Management (CIM). Simply, adding a Return ID Stamp to a customer's product or package provides industry leaders with:

  • new conveniences for direct retail shippers that utilize electronic commerce
  • online shopping customer support when products must be returned (easier returns)
  • warranty enablement & authentication for post-sale assistance or repair
  • product registration enhancements
  • enterprise serial number management
  • centralized track and trace capabilities
  • inbound/outbound order and container validation
  • compliance support using XML-based configurations tied to unique EPC codes
  • increased brand loyalty and competitive advantage — the most important benefit!

Boosting Customer Loyalty, Satisfaction and the Bottom Line
The Return ID Stamp enhances accuracy, ensures customer satisfaction and improves return processes within the supply chain. The ability to link to any Electronic Product Code helps validate data from local and external data sources at both the item and shipping container level. By adding warranty and related returns processing solutions, companies deploying RFID capabilities can realize a significant return-on-investment.

** UPS, FedEx, DHL, U.S. Postal Service Express Mail and other parcel courier services