Intellareturn provides an easy-to-implement and patented label system to identify an owner's valuable items for 'lost and found', warranty related and post-sale customer services. The burden of proving warranty and product return privileges rests on the customer, frequently resulting in denial of service, dissatisfaction and brand defection.

Industry Perspective from Altria CIO Jim Noble

"With the new concepts around Electronic Product Codes, [RFID] technology will force a totally new view on how processes will work through the entire supply chain."

- Jim Noble, Global CIO, Altria (Phillip Morris/Kraft)

RFID technology holds the promise of revolutionary benefits ... more efficient and timely tracking of goods shipped and returned ... the biggest business applications lie in the potential Value Chain revolution.

Intellareturn allows manufacturers and e-tailers to cost-effectively resolve these issues by rapidly registering products. These solutions ensure that consolidated customer registration records are easily available to authorized participants in the service supply chain.

Intellareturn can capture and link valuable product registration information and automatically forward that data directly to manufacturer or merchant registration databases. This automated service allows authorized users to register customers requiring service under warranty provisions by recording a service expiration date for the product with ownership, registration status and coverage data.

Warranty service is commonly provided under original or extended coverage purchased with products. Very few customers register products they've purchased or lose materials that document their purchase date, warranty provisions or service expiration terms. Having these details recorded and read by secure RFID tags is an enormous convenience, whether by RFID readers at the point-of-sale (POS) or by the end-customer as part of an enhanced warranty and return service program.

When warranty coverage and return privileges can be rapidly established, service providers and third-party logistics carriers (3PLs) can respond to customers without the unnecessary delay. Intellareturn increases customer satisfaction and protects brand value by providing accurate data and eliminating delays or costs associated with maintaining paper product registration records through the Return ID Stamp® and associated RadioTag(sm) services.

Intelligence and Customer Satisfaction at the Point of Return
Product registration is simplified and automated with an information management system for managing consumer registration details for any product utilizing RFID. The label includes secure electronic information storage for end-consumer ownership identification and product registration, acting as a portable memory device attached or embedded within the product. The label can also include printed information, so both electronic and a unique ID number or barcode supports the customer and organizational needs with intelligence at the point of return.