Competition for customers is intense. While products and marketing drive sales, supporting services can play a crucial role. Intellareturn has developed a key offering to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction: intelligent lost & found and warranty return services.

Companies can easily embed an Intellareturn RFID tag on a product. If a customer agrees to buy an extended warranty, they can offer to automatically retrieve the product if it needs to be serviced or have it returned — for free — if lost or missing. Intellareturn provides a patented system and method for capturing information to establish these and countless other service opportunities.

The Value Proposition
Intellareturn enables new services for organizations, wrapped around their actual products. It's a quantum leap in the relationship with customers, not just a better barcode. The Intellareturn solutions can be hidden in RFID chips or visible through an ID number corresponding with the owner's details.

The electronic RadioTag(sm) service can be linked to wireless products or electronic devices to:

  • Track, trace and return tagged items
  • Help police, airports, taxis and others locate, notify and return items
  • Provide rapid notification by email, instant message or mobile phone alerts
  • "Ping" users at airports, depots and distribution centers using active transceiver protocols
  • Integrate tag-searchable protocols and URL links through new IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

How Does It Work?
Paris Hilton, cell phones and RFIDPerhaps Paris Hilton's lost cell phone debacle could have been avoided if she had the RadioTag service, a smart chip read by handheld scanners to securely identify a "tagged" object. RadioTag systems link with a secure online network that allows customers to register contact information. Airport personnel, police or Good Samaritans who find a tagged item can call a toll-free number or go online to report it found — even when RFID scanners are not available. Just apply the Return ID Stamp® to any valuable object and register it online.

The Intellareturn system is simple to use. Our RadioTag technology has a unique printed and secure digital ID number, linking an item to its owner and providing a REWARD if found. Owners must register with Intellareturn online or opt-in as part of the point-of-sale (POS) purchase at a traditional or online retail destination. Registration is free and there are no additional fees unless a registered item is lost and returned.

Simple, Yet Intelligent
Finders don't fill out shipping labels. When a registered product is recovered, finders can contact a service center online or call a dedicated support number. Using information from the registration process, Intellareturn automates the return notification and coordinates an intelligent pick-up through any courier shipping service. When the driver arrives, they wirelessly read the RFID tag or use the printed ID number to retrieve the necessary information. If convenient, items can even be dropped off at a variety of designated locations — retail stores, courier services, post offices or automated kiosks.

Why It Works
With the Intellareturn lost & found service:

  • customers gain valuable support for their possessions
  • manufacturers gain customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • parcel companies generate extra business from handling the returns.

The incentive offer has proven to increase response rates and capture important date-of-purchase information to prevent warranty fraud and eliminate unauthorized returns. Whether included with products in their box or supplied at the point-of-purchase, programs like this have generated up to an 80% product registration rate by such leading brands as Toshiba and Pioneer Electronics. The Intellareturn solutions can help maintain important customer information, provide better post-sale support and even solve lost luggage issues for airlines with baggage tagging applications.

Not Just Possessions Anymore
While electronic devices and other items are important, Intellareturn's ReturnMe(tm) division has pioneered a new solution for recovering lost pets. This revolutionary offering provides owners with a new sense of security should they lose their beloved pet. Learn more about the ReturnMe PetTag.