Organizations are exploring and deploying radio-frequency identification (RFID), prompted by players like Wal-Mart and other early adopters. Once fully ramped, they will need their third-party logistics partners to develop their own RFID capabilities to ensure that the full benefits of these deployments are realized throughout their operations — and at all customer touchpoints.

The Intellareturn platform enables consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, retailers and e-tailers to manage product returns more effectively and improve customer service by implementing dynamic product ownership and warranty information processes across the supply chain.

CPG companies, retailers (traditional, online or both) and third-party courier providers are recognizing the importance of product information management and RFID. These must-have solutions provide a significant competitive advantage, driving efficiencies across the entire supply chain and providing functionality to capitalize on these capabilities.

The outcome: CPG and retail companies improve post-sale customer and partner results.

Looking Beyond the "Point-of-Sale"
New technologies like EPC-enabled RFID tags will provide unimaginable opportunities across the supply chain. Intellareturn helps solve major challenges by enabling manufacturers and retailers to organize, create, approve and manage item information. Manufacturers and third-party shippers can:

  • extract item data from a range of reliable sources
  • enhance the data with additional product information and customer intelligence
  • customize that information to improve the operations, customer satisfaction and partner needs.

Intellareturn provides manufacturers and retailers with the ability to easily and dynamically service customers while generating new opportunities with them — and new support for a variety of essential processes like returns management and warranty authorization. Accurate product information will determine the success of many RFID initiatives, addressing post-sale business processes. Intellareturn can even integrate our solutions within a manufacturer, retailer or online merchant's website as an end-to-end customer return center.

Extend RFID technology beyond the supply chain and into YOUR customer relationships for service, warranty and returns — with Customer Interaction Management and intelligence at the point of return.