Intellareturn authentication methods, combined with Internet access and virtually any RFID reader, streamline product return shipping processes right from your desktop.
How the Intellareturn Process Works
Intellareturn | How Does It Work?
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They also automate warranty and return pick-up or drop-off by courier service agents or locations equipped with RFID readers.

Our flagship solution, the Return ID Stamp®, automates product returns and repairs with a streamlined return process that expedites post-sale warranty services to help differentiate your business with enhanced efficiency, visibility and customer service.

By combining radio-frequency identification technology with existing Internet network infrastructure and the Electronic Product Codes (or other product level identifiers), Intellareturn enables accurate, cost-efficient visibility of warranty information in the supply chain. The true value proposition for our clients and partners focuses on two integral capabilities:

  • easily 'registering' customer data and ownership information through various channels and
  • seamlessly connecting those details to the appropriate products, packages and/or parcels.

While the Intellareturn solutions could be incorporated into retail locations, the magical component is the ability for courier services to utilize their Internet-connected networks — enabled by RFID readers — to instantly create an "intelligent and convenient return station" (ICRS). Organizations can now develop new touchpoints for enhancing customer interaction. Working either as a stand-alone solution or integrated with barcodes and other identifiers, Intellareturn transforms the slap-and-ship rules behind compliance applications now being mandated throughout the supply chain inventory and warehousing areas into an innovative differentiator and profit center (ROI!).

3-in-1 Multi-Function Labels
Our supply chain solution features the Intellareturn 3-in-1 tag, which can be read in various ways — RFID, bar code or visually using a human readable identification number. This multi-mode readability:

  • reduces the need for installation of RFID readers in all supply chain locations
  • enhances total conformance to EPC global standards
  • empowers full read-write capabilities, with the option of user memory enabling Intellareturn customers to temporarily write product-related information.
This secure application supports multiple devices, which provides users with accurate, granular and real-time management reports. Sophisticated analytical tools also enable users to to monitor and act upon supply chain events.

Explore how our offerings — the Return ID Stamp, RadioTag(sm) Services and Intellabox® Packaging — can assist organizations in countless industries to enhance their efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness to consumer needs, driving new and profitable business opportunities. As a technology-agnostic solution provider, we welcome the chance to collaborate with a variety of companies, consulting firms, government agencies and partners to address appropriate initiatives together.

Innovative solutions for intelligence at the point of return — from Intellareturn.