Intellareturn Corporation is building the Intellabox® brand and applications with leaders in the development of printed electronics and pre-paid shipping boxes, incorporating RFID labels linked to packaging cartons and supply chain systems.

Intellabox represents the next generation in intelligent packaging for automated product registration, returns and warranty service. The product's identification information is integrated into the standard corrugated packaging structure and manufactured with industry standard print production processes. The RFID data is incorporated by electronic inks, organic electronics, low-cost laminar batteries, sensors or circuits at the forefront of technology development — as well end-user product owners looking to enhance and protect their brands for the future with best practices in packaging.

With Intellareturn, RFID labels can be integrated into the Intellabox itself as part of reusable shipping containers for any courier organization – including FedEx, UPS and DHL. Users do not need to replace their current shipping application labels to accommodate the RFID-based RadioTag(sm) system. Instead, a customer provides shipping information to the courier delivery company, which can encode that information to the tag embedded in the Intellabox. After the box reaches its destination, the RFID-embedded box can be emptied and returned to the delivery service provider, which would overwrite the shipping information on the tag with the next shipper's information.

Intellabox illustrates Intellareturn's effective integration of both the Return ID Stamp® and RadioTag services into an innovative product for courier shippers and their customers. Intellabox can include:

  • retail carton packaging
  • reusable shipping containers
  • single-use shipping boxes or envelopes with the RFID sticker pre-affixed
  • any packaging option with the RFID sticker affixed by the person shipping the product.
Unlike the other Intellareturn solutions, Intellabox is not restricted to reverse logistics or returns. Any shipping method (courier, postal service, truck, train, ship, airplane, human carrier or other transportation method) or carton can utilize the Intellabox solution.

Intellareturn is now exploring partnerships and licensing opportunities with the Intellabox brand to build the next generation of intelligent supply chain packaging services. If you are interested in learning more about Intellabox for your packaging and branding applications, please contact us.