A simple answer: everyone wins! Why?

Many people consider returns to be retail or barcode-based, since that's the function they serve today. With the innovative product and service(s) platform from Intellareturn, the benefits are far more than a process. Instead, a new and rewarding interaction opportunity emerges.

The real benefit of the Intellareturn system is that warranty-related returns can be processed without going back to a retail store, waiting on long lines, being put on hold during customer service phone calls or searching for help with online merchants. Simply, they can tap into the convenience of the worldwide courier networks for pick-up or drop-off needs.

MIT Sloan School professor Glen Urban
MIT Sloan School professor
Glen Urban
discusses what
all companies must do to win
over the empowered consumer.

Merchants recognize the value of enhanced authentication for the product prior to shipment — ensuring a match with pre-determined rules and/or policies, while reducing fraud through secure RFID authentication protocols.

For many, time is money — but convenience is invaluable. Convenience has been one of the drivers of the Internet economy, enabling people to serve their needs anytime and anywhere. Now, Intellareturn allows you to bring these benefits to your customers.

Business and Industrial Customers
The Intellareturn system streamlines returns by automated processing — saving time, enhancing efficiency and improving shipping notifications. This includes the proper routing and tracking integrated with the courier delivery service's logistics platform and technology infrastructure.

These opportunities change the typical approach of writing the RMA or going back to the retail channel to return or service an item under warranty. With Intellareturn, companies can enhance revenue and profitability by offering automated return services that are convenient for customers and reduce operating costs.

These are just a few of the key benefits that consumers and organizations can realize from the innovative Intellareturn concepts and successful Customer Interaction Management (CIM).