THE FACTS: Retailers and manufactures spend billions on warranties. Unfortunately, millions are lost on fraudulent claims annually. For American manufacturers, industry figures estimate this to be $25 billion each year — ranging from 2 to 5% of revenue.

THE SOLUTION: Intellareturn. Digital Tag Certificates that Authenticate Warranty/Returns.

Intellareturn combines both RFID and non-RFID data to help solve supply chain planning and execution problems through the utilization of product ownership and purchase data that automates:

  • Electronics Warranties

  • DoD Returns and Repairs

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Needs

  • Pet ID and Recovery Systems

  • Courier Service Drop-Off/Pick-Up Services

  • Packaging and Luggage Solutions
As an independent software vendor with patented server-based supply chain management applications, Intellareturn automatically authenticates and validates returns by securely linking product ownership registration data with courier shipping services, Electronic Product Codes and other third-party warranty or return databases.

These same systems also enable new smart options including:

  • "Smart luggage tag services" to return lost airline passenger baggage

  • "Smart packaging" for high-value items to provide innovative "lost & found" return services

How can Intellareturn Radio Tag® services, together with the EPCglobal network, deliver competitive advantage and customer service innovation with intelligence at the point of return? Learn more ...


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