What's so unique about Intellareturn? Why would an organization choose to incorporate these solutions into their RFID-based plans? What's the true differentiator and advantage?

Simply, Intellareturn enables courier services to check warranty status by reading RFID stickers attached to any item. This provides individuals and organizations at every point of the process with enhanced benefits for costly and time-consuming returns, warranty and reverse logistics functions.

FedEx Kinko's®The unique and patented Intellareturn system allows courier services to authenticate or validate an item for return shipment under warranty return privileges. This provides customers, merchants, manufacturers and others to authorize and/or return any product, box or service part under warranty.

The system checks the status of an item through a web server and addresses the shipping needs accordingly. Intellareturn's applications focus on a courier service's ability to authenticate and validate any item for return shipment processing under warranty return privileges. Return authentication can take place at a courier shipping drop-off center—such as the UPS Store®—directly by courier package drivers and other postal shipment or receiving locations.

The UPS Store®Intellareturn can also emulate functionality without an affixed RFID tag by linking a unique Electronic Product Code (EPC), RFID reference code or similar identifier (like a barcode) in the Intellareturn Smart Return Server. Until RFID is widely deployed, printed reference IDs linked to specific electronic identifiers applied on products or parts can serve as the "bridge" to EPC/RFID standards ... or linked to unique URLs or IP addresses.

The utilization of a unique EPC ID or other serialized (unique) RFID identification code referenced on products or parts enables broad usage of Intellareturn services today. This interim solution also provides manufacturers, warranty return and repair services with a clear path to future EPC/RFID adoption and deployment with a scalable return-on-investment and set of benefits.