Append® Mobilizes Snail Mail

Append Solution Bridges Physical Mail with Mobile Phones; Adds Sound, Pictures
and Video to Enhance Value of Envelopes, Postcards and Packages

WEB-2-MOBILE AWARDS, CA -- January 25, 2007 -- Intellareturn Corp. today announced that the Company was designated a top-10 finalist in the Web-2-Mobile Business Plan Competition, sponsored by Nokia Labs, Yahoo! and Red Herring Magazine. Through its innovative Append® application, postal mailers can now interact with sent mail to view and exchange supplemental rich media and content related to a letter, envelope, postcard or package—just by waving a Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile phone over the Intellareturn Smart Stamp®.

Append opens the digital envelope, moving beyond static and familiar paper mail communications to integrate a rich media experience with postal mailings. Through the Intellareturn process and solution, Append securely links Internet content to bring new interactivity and digital relevance to the postal mail system—one of the biggest traditional paper communications mediums in the world.

NFC-capable handsets can "touch to connect" with postal mail for supplemental multimedia content, information sharing, private hosting services and interactivity with senders. The Append service illustrates how the postal mail—a reminder of the transformation of traditional communications though e-mail and other forms of electronic messaging—can be reinvented with the mobile Web technologies and conveniences of today.

NFC technology and adoption rates continue to grow as a potential leader in the burgeoning mobile phone markets, similar to video cameras and Bluetooth® technology in the latest cellular devices. This same technology—applied worldwide for contactless payment and transit applications—uses a familiar "Touch-and-Pay" technology that is now being incorporated into the mobile phone ecosystem. Intellareturn's Append solution lets mailers connect with privacy-protected digital content for convenient viewing on their mobile phones—anytime and anywhere.

Business and consumer mailers will soon tap the mobile Internet's power to privately access supplemental documents, video and audio recordings—simply by waving their mobile phone or PC equipped with built-in or add-on NFC reader with a postage-sized "Electronic Stamp" on the addressable side of mailings. These electronic stamps cost less than the price of a traditional first-class stamp. Intellareturn is now creating the ecosystem and standards to make this new technology and postal capability available.

According to the latest U.S. Postal Service Strategic Transformation Plan, "Revenue strategies acknowledge that Internet competition is rapidly reshaping communications, with implications of all services. But the Internet is affecting all businesses, not just the Postal Service. Technological and market developments bring risk but also create new opportunities. DVDs by mail—now a mainstay for many consumers—could not exist without mail, and in fact did not exist at all a few short years ago."

About Intellareturn Corporation

Intellareturn Corp., a New York City-based mobile services company founded by Elliot Klein, Benoit Richard and Ian S. Gertler, transforms traditional postal mail with NFC and related wireless technologies and bridges it with the mobile Web ecosystem. Please contact Elliot Klein, Intellareturn's CEO, at for more information.

Note: The system and methods described in this paper are protected by U.S. Patent Pending Ser. No. 10/908944. Intellareturn®, Append® and Smart Stamp® are registered U.S. Trademarks.