Benoit Richard | Chief Technology Officer
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Mr. Benoit Richard
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Benoit Richard is a visionary with extensive RFID technology and application development expertise with both the commercial and government markets.

Mr. Richard is a subject matter expert and engineer specializing in the development and integration of innovative solutions in automatic identification, interactive localization and data acquisition – all based on wireless technologies. He was also the first to integrate RFID into an active FedEx return shipping application. In 2001, Mr. Richard developed a smart label solution that triggered automated returns using the FedEx NetReturn® API application that received industry recognition as a breakthough in logistics solutions. The project was recognized in CIO Magazine with receipt of the CIO Magazine award.

As Founder and Vice President of Technologies for Deuteron Acquisition (Quebec, Canada), Mr. Richard successfully developed and marketed wireless sensor systems and RFID based tracking systems. Earlier in his career, he co-founded Cilys, a Canadian wireless telecommunications software infrastructure vendor located in Trois-Rivières and Montreal which was later acquired in 2005 by Openwave Systems (Nasdaq: OPWV).

In 2001, Mr. Richard received a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières.