RadioTag RFID Technology Services Wins Innovation Award

Inventor Honored As Finalist For Invent Now America Product Innovation

ORLANDO, FL -- March 2004 -- Continuing its tradition of honoring America's greatest innovations, the Invent Now® America national competition has recognized RadioTag(sm) as a finalist in its first award program to honor invention ideas that have broad interest for their simplicity, ingenuity, cleverness and applicability.

Elliot Klein, Founder and CEO of Intellareturn, a winner at the Invent Now America Exposition in Orlando, Florida
Elliot Klein, Intellareturn
Invent Now America Exposition
Orlando, FL – March 2004

RadioTag tracking technologies work with a tiny microchip — no bigger than a pencil tip and as flat as a postage stamp — embedded in an adhesive label that will soon find its way on millions of products.

Called Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID for short, it works much like a bar code that is read by handheld scanners and the wireless terminals carried by such delivery carriers as UPS®, FedEx® and DHL®. The RadioTag service innovation is already being readied for license and launch with courier service pilot programs and other track and trace network applications.

As a result of the award, ABC's Good Morning America featured the RadioTag service as one of America's best new inventions.

About Invent Now America

Founded by the National Inventors Hall of Fame® and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Invent Now® America program has been created to encourage and celebrate the creative spirit of innovation in everyone. The competition recognizes that good invention ideas don't just come from scientists and engineers in well-funded laboratories; invention ideas can come from everyday people such as Elliot Klein, inventor of the RadioTag service.